Hawk Season


BARN OWL T-SHIRT (2 Sizes Left)

Image of BARN OWL T-SHIRT (2 Sizes Left)
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• 2-color print, hand-screened locally by AntiDesigns in South Boston, Massachusetts
• Fall 2019 Season

Style 1: Women’s Short Sleeve Tee
• Adult sizes S-XL
• Printed on a “Maroon Triblend” Bella+Canvas 8413 Triblend W Short Sleeve Tee
• Sizing Info: “Women’s Jersey & Rib” at

Style 2: Unisex T-shirt
• Adult sizes S-XXL.
• Printed on a "Heather Cardinal" Bella+Canvas 3001CVC Unisex Heathered Short-sleeve T-shirt.
• Sizing Info: “Unisex” at

• The Barn Owl is a legendary bird of the night. Its pale white face and piercing dark eyes have caused humans to mistake them for ghosts for generations. This nocturnal hunter is perfectly adapted to strike swiftly and silently, possessing a unique set of senses that allow it to thrive in the shadows.

• Limited edition run of 40 shirts.
• Ships USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) to US w/tracking for $6.95
• Ships First-Class Package International Service (7-21 days) to Canada w/tracking for $10.50