Hawk Season


Birder's Journal - Broad-winged Hawk

Image of Birder's Journal - Broad-winged Hawk
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• 72-page field notebook with a kettle of Broad-winged Hawks adorning both the front and back covers.
• 5.5" x 8.5" size, perfect bound.
• Three page types: 50 Counter’s/Checklist pages - perfect for Hawkwatching, Point Counts, Birding Day Lists, or anything else you can imagine. Plus 10 dot-grid pages, and 10 blank pages for sketches and freeform notes.
• Printed in the US by Ingram Spark.
• Spring 2019 Season

• My vision for the ideal hawkwatching journal would not be complete without a cloud of migrating Broad-winged Hawks. This amazing species moves in totality into and out of North America every year. They form huge groups called kettles when they migrate. The journal cover depicts both adult birds, with their bold tail band, and juvenile birds with their brownish plumage. I hope this journal accompanies you to many memorable encounters!

• Limited edition run of 50 journals.
• Ships USPS Priority Mail to US and CAN w/tracking